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Stuart Miles at

Stuart Miles at

Okay, I’m not even two weeks into “COMPLETE” and I’ve become acutely aware that a supplementary word is needed if I am to complete anything. I need help! My time and inclinations cannot keep up with my overactive mind. I simply cannot attend to every good idea or worthwhile goal, so complete now has a close companion – delete.

The inbox of my mind is not very different from the inbox of my email. I read, save, or read and save more communications than I can attend to. I cannot act on or respond to all that comes in either inbox, regardless of its value. The temptation is to re-file them in subfolders, but that merely shifts (and compounds) the problem. So I declare to you, as my cyber witnesses, that in my quest to complete, I will delete.

With deletion as an operative aspect of my goal, I expect to be a successful completer. I will delete those goals that have remained on my to-do list year after year. I will delete time wasters from my schedule and distractions from my mind. I will stop regarding deletion as painful surgery and realize it’s my friend because…

Deletion will move me toward completion.

What do you need to delete in order to complete?

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  1. Maude Carolan Pych
    Jan 12, 2015 @ 16:44:01

    I agree. Deletion is necessary to completion, but it’s a struggle, Barbara. One small victory today: I gave hubby the towels to fold from the laundry. He was glad to help and I was able to do something else. One step (little deletion) at a time…



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