One More Word to “Eat”

Complete and Delete are not enough. I mean, what about those projects or goals that I’m not ready to complete but cannot and should not delete? I may not have time to attend to them now, but they have merit. What do I do about them? Amid the angst of this dilemma, I embraced a new word. Retreat.


Junior Libby at

Retreat is my decision, not the decision of projects clamoring to be heard. I will not listen to their urgent cries for attention. I will not panic at the suggestion that they will fall into oblivion. I will carefully choose, with prayerful discernment, which goals will retreat, not to the trash bin, but to the “not yet” category. This takes tough love attentiveness.

Care must be taken because every good idea I ever had will cry out to be included. Perish the fact that these “darlings” should, well, perish! The brilliance with which they were born must be tempered with several probing questions:

  • Are they still inspired?
  • Are they timely?
  • Are they purposeful? Profitable? Practical?
  • Are they for me?

Which ones do I delete and which ones do I send into retreat, a quiet holding place that stills their nagging insistence until it’s their time? Making these decisions will free me to complete the goals and projects that take precedence.

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