Facing the Future with Expectation and Confidence

Little Orphan Annie, or Annie as we know her today, lived a “hard-knock life” that would rival most of our troubles. However, the curly-haired redhead fully believed “the sun will come out tomorrow.” We all need a dose of Annie’s optimism because, too often, past disappointments leave us cynical about the future. We don’t picture ourselves skipping in sunshine, but plodding through puddles. However, it will take more than listening to a rendition of “Tomorrow” to change the way we see the future.

2276On April 24, we will come together as women and examine our attitude about the future – mind-sets we formed from our personal perceptions. Then we’ll trade in these attitudes for truth – words of life from God that give expectation and confidence.

Come and discover the hope of God for your future. Once again we’ll assess the self-portrait we’ve painted over the years and replace misconceptions and errant brush strokes with the truth of God’s Word. It’s time to restore your self-portrait to reflect God’s design!

Friday evening, April 24

Dinner is 6:30, the teaching is 7:15, followed by worship

Come when you can, leave when you must.

Cornerstone Christian Church | 495 Wyckoff Ave. | Wyckoff, NJ | 201.891.1651

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