Renovations by the Renovated

The parallels between man-renovated rooms and God-renovated lives are pretty obvious, but these past few weeks have given me a deeper appreciation for God’s renovating power. Men redeemed from lives of addiction, homelessness and crime have been rebuilding our kitchen, allowing me to witness the power of God in rebuilt lives.

Men who once cursed with anger, sing along with the Christian music that blasts from their radio. The camaraderie is real and deep as they help each other rip lumber, laugh together and speak words of encouragement. Their conversation is laced with testimonies of God’s redemptive love.

Edwin Placeres

Edwin Placeres

Edwin, founder of Kingdom Builders, was once a prominent gang leader. He now leads men to God and disciples them as they grow in God’s grace and power. As David drills holes and pounds nails, the Word of God spills from his lips with a profoundness that penetrates hearts. Pete no longer gets wired on drugs but skillfully rewires homes, spreading light materially and spiritually as he testifies to God’s mercy. Mark is a gifted craftsman whose skill with wood is a work of art that beautifies homes, when he himself was homeless only four years ago. Now, rather than living under a bridge in Paterson, he dwells in the God’s kingdom and uses his talent for Him. There are others, but I hope this is enough to share a peek at the redeemed lives I’ve been privileged to know.

Men once captive to sin now work and live in the strength of humble hearts yielded to God. He  renovated them from the inside out and they are new creations who live in the restorative power of the Holy Spirit.

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