I Love Autumn

Photography by Patty Lyttle

Photography by Patty Lyttle

I love the chill in the air and the weight of a blanket on the bed at night.

I love all things apple… their juicy tang, sweet apple cider, warm apple pie and – ooh – a caramel apple on a stick.

I love the changing leaves, trees garbed in gold and brown and red, painting the landscape in warm hues.

I love orange pumpkins sitting on front porches, all friendly and bright; pumpkin seeds, pumpkin breads, and pumpkin pies with real whipped cream.

I love the comfort of soft, baggy sweatshirts, my old friends who have been away too long.

I love shuffling through the fallen leaves, kicking them, crunching them under my feet.

I love the staccato of acorns dropping, the scurry of squirrels and the sight of colorful Indian corn on doors.

I love mums, especially burnt orange ones, but also purple, yellow and white; and gourds, unique and bumpy, striped and not; and cabbages, balls of curly green or purple leaves.

I love piles of leaves edging sidewalks and lights shining from windows in the early darkness, offering me a glimpse of families gathered around tables.

I love that autumn portends Thanksgiving and causes fresh appreciation to rouse my heart.

I love the reminder that life is made up of seasons and each has its own beauty.

Did I miss anything? Tell me your favorites.

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