Reunion Reflections

Last week I attended my 50-year high school reunion. Yes, I hear your collective gasp and, no, I can’t possibly be that old. I must have graduated high school directly from the womb because I’m sure I only recently turned 50. But I digress.

Eastern Christian Class of 1965

Eastern Christian Class of 1965

Through the wrinkles, added pounds and hair changes (color, style, and absence thereof), were visages of the kids I sat next to in high school. As a teen, who liked you and who didn’t was critically important when I walked to my locker, but last Friday night none of that mattered. We were simply a diverse group of people who shared high school as a common denominator and now related to one another as adults, unable to remember who we liked and disliked, who was popular and who was smart, who was the trouble maker and who was teacher’s pet. I wish I could share that perspective with my grandchildren but I know it will take another 50 years before they get it. My only reunion regret is that I wasn’t daring enough to delve into deeper discussions.

There was something surreal about the entire evening… kind of like my life flashing before my eyes. Fifty years! Where did they go and what have I done with those years? What have I done that mattered? But those questions are nudged out by a more pressing one – what will I do with the years I have left?

Many of us from the Class of 65 are retired or partially retired. Think of the collective hours we have before us! What dreams are still alive? What goals still attainable? What work unfinished? What difference can we yet make? Seeing 50 years of life rolled into one evening convinced me of something – I’m going to live until I die, because I have a promise…

The righteous will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green, proclaiming, “The Lord is upright; he is my Rock….” (Ps 92:14-15, para)

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  1. Marilyn Schryvers
    Sep 23, 2015 @ 16:47:34

    Loved this reflective piece. You’re right the future is ripe with promise and the
    potential to pursue worthwhile endeavors.



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