Seasons, even cold ones, are good

They weren’t exactly orange. Peach and apricot better described the alstroemeria tucked between the yellow asters and white mums. Outside, the barren trees and dry ground punctuated the unseasonable presence of the bouquet gracing my table. It was a splurge, but in the absence of a twinkling Christmas tree and colorful decorations I needed a distraction from the dropping temperatures and anticipated winter snows.

20160112_141223Something about January’s monotony is comforting. No rush of preparations. No lists to make. No surfing the web to compare prices. No cookies baking or gifts to wrap. It’s peaceful and I almost long for the additional quiet of a blanket of snow. Almost.

I’m thankful for seasons. For the weather changes that come to northern New Jersey, yes, but also for the personal seasons. The times of anticipation and excitement contrasted with times of stillness and reflection. Both are healthy for the soul. So, on this day in January, I am thankful for the heat coming up from the furnace, soup simmering on the stove, a stack of waiting books, and an unseasonably beautiful bouquet in a mason jar on my dining room table.

What are your winter reflections?

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