Flea Market Find

lampOFFI approached the vendor to ask the price of the lamp I clutched, already bargaining in my mind. “Ten dollars? How about seven?” “Fifteen dollars? Would you take ten?” He took the lamp from my hand and held it up for his Vendor Boss to see. One dollar! Are you kidding? I whipped out a single before he could change his mind. I should have known.

Didn’t I buy two sweatshirts, blazoned with New York hot spots, to find that the medium shirts wouldn’t even fit my young granddaughters, let alone the daughters I had in mind? Didn’t the vendor smile when I gushed about being so happy I found a Raven’s jersey as he put a Vikings shirt in my bag? And didn’t I discover that the blown glass necklace pendant I bought was missing it’s satin string? Call me a slow learner.

As soon we got home, I screwed a light bulb into my lamp (which is surely a valuable antique) and, be still my heart, it worked! I washed the glass shade, which was wobbly on the base, and attempted to piece the lamp together to find that the band that held the harp, which held the shade, was broken. No problem, I assured my skeptical husband, I will fix it. Honey, can you just solder this for me?

Rich attempted to solder together the broken parts. When that didn’t work, he wrapped a thin strip of metal around the broken section but that, too, was unsuccessful. After two trips to two hardware stores and two purchases later, he provided me with a new harp. He made one more trip to the store because, while we’re at it, we should replace the brittle wiring. Did you know that lamp wire is smaller than regular wire? He went back to the store. Screws are really difficult to remove when they’re old. I watched as Rich unscrewed the bottom of the lamp. I watched as he threaded the new wire through the base. I watched as he repaired the harp holder and replaced the socket. I watched as he polished the base.

I screwed the new bulb in the lamp and turn it on. lampON

I knew I could fix that lamp!

It’s hard to imagine, but Rich isn’t too eager for another trip to the flea market. I, on the other hand, can’t wait to find my next bargain.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda Langford
    Feb 03, 2016 @ 17:33:13

    Well, Barbara – you are a true Dutchman and a bargain seeker! I love flea markets/thrift stores for good bargains! Must run in our blood. I found a Dutch windmill in Delft and actually got it for $1.50…needless to say I was thrilled!



  2. Ellen
    Feb 03, 2016 @ 21:12:22

    I love reading your blogs, and being blessed to know you as I do, I can hear your voice in the words-the inflection, a slight chuckle. Keep em comin.



  3. Isabel Davis
    Mar 14, 2016 @ 12:27:28

    Barbara, I love reading your blogs. God has blessed you with a real gift of
    communicating and applying His word into every aspect of our lives. By the
    way, I love the lamp. Be sure to thank Rich for his patience in “helping” you fix it.



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