What Do You Love?

As the designated “love day” approaches, do we really need a Valentine’s Day to celebrate love? Every day offers pleasures and people, experiences and treasures to love. Sometimes they’re special gifts, but more often they are everyday blessings. For instance, have you ever stopped to think about the beauty color adds to life? There’s not one shade I’d like to be without, but today I’m going to focus on a color that may seem less exciting than others…

I Love Brown

rgbstock-comYes, you read that right. In the middle of winter with more gray skies than blue, grass shriveled or covered with snow, and flowers underground biding time before their colorful entry, I look out my window and see a lot of brown.

I love the sight of naked brown branches, their complex patterns silhouetted against the winter sky. They reach out in praise to their Creator, ready to catch the snow He may send, further enhancing their beauty.

I love brown eyes—my husband, four of our children, and many of our grandchildren have them—deep, sparkly, filled with wonder and wondering.

I love the rugged, shaded pattern of tree bark; the crunch of brittle, brown leaves; nuts—light almonds, dark Brazils, walnuts & pecans somewhere in between.

I love to run my fingers over the grain of wood wondrously created by the contrast of light and dark, forming unique patterns that remind me the Creator is amazingly artistic.

I love brown skin, soft and glowing in hues of chestnut, ebony and mahogany, wonderful and deep and rich.

I love black-brown coffee, friendly, steaming, glistening in my cup—a rich dark roast or hazelnut, no cream, thank you, Unless it’s iced or a latte, swirled with milk turning my caffeinated delight a beautiful caramel color.

I love brown leather (or faux leather) boots and purses, my husband’s brown Stetson, and the brown frame that encircles my family’s posed portrait.

I love the coarse earth—lush, dark loam and warm, tan sand.

I love brown horses—bays, roans & mustangs; the orange-reddish brown of Guernsey cows; the tawny golden brown of a lion; the spotted brown of giraffes (are they brown with tan pattern lines or tan, splotched with brown patterns?).

It probably doesn’t need saying, but I love chocolate— not Hershey’s or Nestles, but the good stuff, the darker the better. I love brown chocolate cake (with chocolate frosting), chocolate fudge, hot fudge on chocolate ice cream, and brownies.

And, I confess, I love mud puddles—the irresistible brown-watery, delighted discoveries that tempted my kids when they were little. Truth be told, there must still be some kid in me because even now (though I wouldn’t yield) I feel lured by the beckon of a mud puddle.

I love brown rocks with their unique shapes, smooth, jagged, pointy, each with a long personal history, like the large immovable ones in our yard, or those that create our property walls, or those tipped over by grandsons in search of lizards.

I absolutely love pinecones—long ones, squat ones, large ones, wee ones. They adorn my home all winter—on a wreath, in a bowl, on a sill—winter flowers, brown beauties that don’t wilt or drop petals.

I love brown! Do you? If I missed one of your favorites, please share.

Image courtesy of rgb.com

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ellen Pelliccio
    Jan 26, 2017 @ 20:32:57

    Wow, Barbara! I loved this, and brown.



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