Summer is Half Over


Does that rouse feelings of disappointment or elation? For me, this is good news because summer is my least favorite season. However, I was checking my attitude as I laid awake the other night and I made a biblical decision. In line with 1 Thessalonians 5:18, I decided to give thanks in everything—even in summer.

How many things on my list resonate with you?

Watermelon. This has to be my favorite fruit. When I was a kid, eating watermelon included pit-spitting contests—there was no seedless variety. My daughter and I can finish off a small melon between the two of us (seedless, if you please) and a barbecue just isn’t complete without watermelon juice dripping from your chin.

Lightning bugs. If you’re not from New Jersey you might call them fire flies, but we’re talking about the same thing—those insects that fly and flash in the summer night, lighting hearts with their flicker and fascinating children who run in search of jars to hold them captive for awe-inspiring close examination.

Sparklers, sprinklers & s’mores. Kid-fun that’s right up there with lightning bugs. We use any celebration as an excuse for sparklers, any hot day to turn on the sprinkler, and any summer evening for s’mores. I’m strictly a toasted marshmallow girl, but I love to watch the kids make a mess sandwiching them with graham crackers and chocolate squares.

Pedicures. I get, maybe, three pedicures a year: June, July and August, making them a definite summer perk. For my July pedi I was daring and opted for my first blue polish job. Ugh—my toes are aqua! I hate it…but, hey, tomorrow it’s August.

Ice cream cones. Ice cream is pretty much a year-round treat, but put a scoop on a cone and it shouts summer. Ice cream licked from a cone simply tastes different, whether it’s soft serve or hard. My favorite is coconut with dark chocolate-covered almonds. So far, I’ve only found it at Bellvale Farms Creamery in Warwick. Yum! So worth the trip.

Barbecues. I’m not a cook but I can make salads so this is my favorite hosting venue. Everybody seems relaxed at a BBQ, spilled food waits for scavenging squirrels, and conversation mixes with easy laughter. And…even I can cook a hamburger.

Iced tea. I make the best iced tea. Period. When the kids were living home, I had to restrict them. We were going through a gallon a day so I insisted they drink a glass of water before guzzling my precious tea. Now they all use my recipe and I love having a cold glass of tea that they made.

Books. There’s reading, and then there’s summer reading. The lazy days without schedules and the stress-free atmosphere make reading in the summer delicious. I devoured the 550-page Poisonwood Bible without feeling guilty about spending hours engrossed in reading because, well, it’s summer.

I admit, this exercise in gratitude has improved my attitude, even if I still find air conditioning to be the best thing about summer. My outlook is more positive, I’m appreciative, and my heart’s lighter.

You are my God, and I will give you thanks; you are my God, and I will exalt you.      Psalm 118:28, NIV

And when I do, the benefit is mine!

What do you like about summer?

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  1. Linda Langford
    Jul 31, 2017 @ 15:31:56

    Thanks for putting a new spin on summer. I have great memories of NJ and iced tea – down in the south we drink it all year long but without the lemon – my mom used to put a large frozen lemonade in each gallon and I just loved it! I remember catching the Lightning bugs too! and spitting watermelon pits…what great memories! Thanks for reminding us to thank the Lord for all these special little things that He allows us to experience…blessings cuz…Linda And I only get pedicures in the summer into fall also…it stays warmer longer down here in NC!

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  2. Janet Higby DeHoog
    Jul 31, 2017 @ 19:12:33

    Just the other day I put lemonade in my iced tea. It’s not the norm around NC. Do you know you can’t even find Iced tea in Iowa? Somebody should open up a sweet tea and sandwich shop there!! And lightening bugs, it’s funny what you remember, but putting them in a glass jar over night, and letting them out the next day……… I hardly see them anymore. Too much spraying the fields in these parts. 😦 One of my favorite memories was when the fire department opened up the hydrant to let water fly high in the sky. They closed off the roads and all the neighbor hood kids played in it. If we could but go back a day!

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  3. Doug Higby
    Aug 01, 2017 @ 08:22:26

    Summer is when we are not traveling, and work at home instead. I’m thankful for access to my boys and their dear ones all summer long!

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  4. Ellen
    Aug 02, 2017 @ 14:07:47

    Finally, another wonderful blog from you! I too am a toasted marshmallow gal, testing the patience of others at the fire as I sloooooowly turn it, high above the flame, melting the inside as the outside develops a rich golden brown crust. No fire balls on my marshmallow. I must admit that sometimes when no one is home, I grab a stick and toast up my dessert over the gas flame on the stove. And I always buy the jumbo size. Enjoy the rest of your summer. I hate to rush it but Autumn is my favorite time of year.



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