I love Ds

D2Image by Tatutati from PixabayI love daisies dancing on delicate stems, daffodils, and dragonflies.

I love my daughter and daughter-in-love and granddaughters.

I love diamonds—the ones that sparkle and those that define a ballfield.

I love darling dimples on cheeks and chins.

I love devotion, devotedness, dedication—to a spouse, a friend, a cause—to God.

I love delightful down comforters, dirigibles dawdling above, and denim duds—soft shirts and stretchy jeans.

I love the dawning of ideas that delight my mind, develop my imagination, and delve deep.

I love ducks & ducklings dipping in the pond, dolphins dipping in the sea, and dipping my toes in the ocean.

I love dipping chips in salsa, veggies in ranch dressing, and double dips of ice cream.

I love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee—dark brew, please.

I love dare devils who do what I only dream.

I love deer and dear friends and dearer memories.

I love seniors who dodder but determine to do life.

I love dark chocolate and devil’s food cake drenched in frosting.

I love dreams that direct my passion and demand my attention.

I love delivery trucks dropping off parcels.

I love dates and dinners and dinner dates.

I love dwelling—savoring where I am, when I’m there.

I love driving down the highway to happy destinations on delightfully sunny days.

I love difference makers who discard disgust and decide to do good.

I love dishes—china or porcelain with designs of deep blue.

The D I love best is discovery, the delight of detecting something different and dazzling and distinctive that draws me to further discovery.

Image by Tatutati from Pixabay.

I Love Yellow

The Lighter Side


I love the cheerfulness of yellow and its mood-elevating, smile-on-your-face, soul-satisfying effect.

I love the bold, brazen, bronzy glow of the sun and it’s paler yellow beams sprinkling the earth like suspended salt from a shaker.

I love buttery golden corn kernels eaten from the cob, messy and delicious, salty and warm—a  special summer gift.

I love the yellow smile of daffodils, proclaiming the arrival of spring just before forsythia wave their golden arms. I love sassy black-eyed Susans, and audacious sunflower faces grinning at the sun, and delicate, lemony, buttercups—joy-surprises along the path.

Speaking of lemon… I love lemonade, pale yellow, sweet and tart—the best is fresh-squeezed, sold at Amish markets.

And what about lemon cookies, lemon sherbet, lemon drops, and lemon meringue pie?

Have you noticed that a sunset is more astonishing when its purples and pinks are embellished with streaks of yellow-gold accenting its beauty?

Has your heart fluttered at the flit of a swallow tail butterfly dancing by—or the sight of a gold finch lighting on a branch—or the first golden flash of a lightning bug in the early evening?

What yellow do you love? White-petaled daisy centers? Yellow plastic pails on a sandy beach? Is it the color of your favorite team? Please share!

Image from Pixabay/Ulleo