Cousins Camp

_DSC8132eli-Cousins Camp is one of the funnest things we do at the Higby haven. Each summer (though it can happen any time of the year) I announce the dates for Cousins Camp and, even with the older cousins being 12 & 13, there is excitement and anticipation.

Each Cousins Camp has a theme and an assignment to insure their participation. Camp consists of a brief (as in short, concise, to-the-point) introduction from me, their contribution, a craft or two, perhaps a game, and lunch – all in keeping with the theme.

I will outline several of our favorite camp experiences but be warned – they look perfect in print, but it’s chaos in reality, wonderful, happy, memory-making chaos. I’m exhausted when they leave, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love their excitedment and the way it bonds them as family. I thrill when I see even the shyest of them take their place to make a presentation. Several camps have called for them to name something they appreciate about each other and I’m amazed at the qualities they identify in one another. I am touched by their obvious eagerness for their turn – they can’t wait to hear what their cousins appreciate about them!

So, whether you’re a Nana like me, or a mom, aunt or cousin, I invite you to host a Cousins Camp and enjoy both the craziness and the blessings.


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