The joy of my heart is to encourage women. I regard every invitation  to speak as an opportunity to offer hope.

Contact me to speak to your women’s gathering, whether it be a brunch, tea, dinner or regular meeting. I also offer one day seminars and retreats. I will gladly address a topic you request, but also suggest the following:

  • H.O.P.E. is my signature presentation, my heartbeat, if you will. I present four steps based on an anagram for H-O-P-E that promise to reignite hope in one’s heart.
  • A Woman’s Self-Portrait is a three session seminar that explores reasons for a poor self-image and helps women see themselves as God sees them.
  • Life is Not a QWERTY Keyboard – Wouldn’t we love life to be as predictable as a computer keyboard? What if we could, by the flick of a finger, stress those things that are important to us and delete those things (or people) that are inconvenient? This is a message of hope and trust as we look at the One who has all things under control.
  • Rock, Fortress, Deliverer – Discover the all-encompassing care of a loving God and feel fears subside in this focus on Psalm 18.

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