I love Ds

D2Image by Tatutati from PixabayI love daisies dancing on delicate stems, daffodils, and dragonflies.

I love my daughter and daughter-in-love and granddaughters.

I love diamonds—the ones that sparkle and those that define a ballfield.

I love darling dimples on cheeks and chins.

I love devotion, devotedness, dedication—to a spouse, a friend, a cause—to God.

I love delightful down comforters, dirigibles dawdling above, and denim duds—soft shirts and stretchy jeans.

I love the dawning of ideas that delight my mind, develop my imagination, and delve deep.

I love ducks & ducklings dipping in the pond, dolphins dipping in the sea, and dipping my toes in the ocean.

I love dipping chips in salsa, veggies in ranch dressing, and double dips of ice cream.

I love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee—dark brew, please.

I love dare devils who do what I only dream.

I love deer and dear friends and dearer memories.

I love seniors who dodder but determine to do life.

I love dark chocolate and devil’s food cake drenched in frosting.

I love dreams that direct my passion and demand my attention.

I love delivery trucks dropping off parcels.

I love dates and dinners and dinner dates.

I love dwelling—savoring where I am, when I’m there.

I love driving down the highway to happy destinations on delightfully sunny days.

I love difference makers who discard disgust and decide to do good.

I love dishes—china or porcelain with designs of deep blue.

The D I love best is discovery, the delight of detecting something different and dazzling and distinctive that draws me to further discovery.

Image by Tatutati from Pixabay.

My Wall of Fame

Wall2With twenty-six letters in the alphabet and eleven grandchildren, I’m fascinated that none of their first names start with the same letter. Eleven grandchildren with eleven different first initials—and their uniqueness doesn’t end there. Like your children and grandchildren, each one has different strengths, distinguishing qualities and distinctive gifts.

Always on the lookout for ways to build them up, I recently created a grandchildren’s Wall of Fame. Each of their initials is featured on the wall and written on each letter, are five strengths the child especially displays. My desire was to affirm them and show them they’re appreciated for who they are.

It was precious to watch them search for their letter and then examine the words on their initial, sometimes heartily agreeing, sometimes asking the meaning of a word. As children, they didn’t hide their pleasure at being known and appreciated. Adults may be more discreet, but it’s no less important for us to be valued than it is for my treasured eleven.

Wouldn’t it be great if we were more attentive to the qualities of others—each one created in God’s image? And wouldn’t it be even greater if we expressed our appreciation for one another?

“So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.”     1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NLT)