The Lord IS my Shepherd..


Not was, not will be, but is, right now, at this moment, in the present, the Lord is my Shepherd. He is always near, not catching up, not ahead of me, but with me.

Today marks thirteen years since Stacey left us to be with Him. Though time has moved on, deep loss remains, without compensation. The Lord shepherded me through the loss of our daughter, continues to do so today, and will be present every day of my future. On October 11, 2017, my Shepherd is comforting me, refreshing me, reminding me of my hope. As He is walking here beside me, Stacey is walking there beside Him.

Today, I will put a period after is—it is enough that “The Lord is.”

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Go and Leave – They’re not Always Synonyms

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I was on an unmarked journey, going new places, anticipating new experiences. But somehow there was a disconnect. Thoughts of the past frequently visited my mind and abandoned dreams jumped to the forefront at the strangest times. Though uninvited, memories made me wonder if former dreams still had validity.

I just kind of lived with this perplexity, rather than deal with it, until I had breakfast with a friend. Somehow, talking unravels confusion for me. I don’t set out to clarify a subject, I just talk around it and – voila! – thoughts fall into place. That is what happened one Friday morning a few weeks ago. On the way home from the restaurant our conversation rolled around in my mind. Settling in my recliner, I turned to the next passage in my Bible reading, Genesis 12, but I never got past the first verse. Another Friend met me and this time He did all the talking.

The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and

your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.”

Leave… Go… I will show. In that revelatory moment I realized that I did go, but I didn’t leave. Unwittingly, I was still holding on. The go part wasn’t optional, but the leave part? That needed to be dealt with decisively if I was to live in the land God chose for me.

Now, I say to my thoughts, “Sorry, I’m leaving.” Walking away from the past empowers me to take my place in a new land. Jesus’ words in John 8:32 are true – the truth does set us free.

I’m sharing this for one reason: I know I’m not the only one who has gone without leaving. What do you have to leave? A relationship? Position? Dream? Church? Job? There is a land God will show you – just leave.