We had No Idea what We were Getting Into

50yearsWhen Rich and I married fifty years ago we were young—he actually needed parental consent to get a marriage license! We were in love but had no idea how that love would be disappointed and tested. We didn’t know where married life would lead, the severity of life’s storms, or the crippling pain of loss. Guess our mindset was simple—we’ll live happily ever after.

Reaching a landmark anniversary brings reflection, such as, what was the key to getting here? Was it…

  • Learning to forgive?
  • Putting the other first?
  • Not majoring on minors?
  • Encouraging personal endeavors?
  • Grit and determination?
  • Not compromising our commitment?

All of those factored in, and we were fairly conscientious about them, but I don’t think any of them provide the answer.

Our marriage didn’t succeed because we put the other first, but because we each put God first. Our commitment to Him protected our commitment to each other. Looking to God to fulfill our hopes and dreams, rather than to each other, was critical.

I remember Rich’s surprise early in our marriage when I told him I didn’t expect him to make me happy. I had discovered a secret—all my joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction would come from God, not my husband. No spouse can satisfy the longing of our hearts and, looking back, I think that realization was a key factor to our success.

Marriage is not about reaching a milestone anniversary—50 years or 20 or 65. It’s about trusting God to help you keep a promise:

Till death do us part.

My reflections on fifty years of marriage?

“All that we have accomplished you have done for us.” (Isaiah 26:12)